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Jackapole Series - NicheDecor
Jackapole Series - NicheDecor


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Description: It seems the Jackalope is an intriguing combination of a jack rabbit and an antelope, the Frankenstein of the bunny kingdom. It was known to join the campfires of cowboys, mimicking their song but careful, they are also known to be vicious. Have a some fun with this little trickster in this rustic barn-board frame under glass.

Available in Large sizes:

18531 - With Grey Frame 33.5"w x 43.5"h

18532 - With White Frame 31"w x 41"h

Mini Sizes:

18498 - With White Frame 16"w x 21"h

18497 - With Grey Frame 17"w x 22"h

*Made-to-order in Canada. Production timelines takes 4-6 weeks.